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We are a startup builder Hub and seed investment platform.

We inspire ideas, incubate innovative startups and turns them into successful global companies.


3D Innotech incubates startups in a variety of Technology sectors and industries, based on in-house innovation.

Our model comprises the following: 

Run and fund startups during seed stage

Assign capable entrepreneurs and core teams

Develop and implement business models

Provide an umbrella of managerial, business, operational and R&D services

Define and achieve proof of concept

Raise capital for post seed stage

Grow and turn startups into

sustainable & independent companies


3D Innotech invests in innovative technology opportunities at pre and seed stage, while carrying out the following activities:

·   Identifying and analyzing promising ventures at the early seed stage

·   Providing extensive mentoring and networking support

·   Advising on Business development and marketing plans

·   Assisting in capital raising and establishing strategic alliances


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Save A Train attracts Strategic Investor to make trains digitalization faster

June 7, 2022

The leader in digital B2B Rail ticketing worldwide and the largest global rail distributor


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64 Sokolov Street,
Ramat Hasharon, Israel 4723528

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